Citizens of Which Countries Most often Visit Azerbaijan

 Azerbaijan e-visa has made traveling to the country much easier. It's a hassle-free and smooth process that saves a lot of time for enthusiast travelers.

The country is also offering business visas to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses. E-visa is accessible to almost every country, including China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Bahrain, and Macau.

The benefit of getting an Azerbaijan e-visa is that tourists can easily meet their family and friends, enjoy sightseeing, learn about different Azerbaijan cultures and traditions, or attend a short event. The country is safe and famous for its natural beauty, mud volcanoes, and historic places like Maiden Tower. So, if you are considering which country to visit to enjoy your vacation, go for Azerbaijan.

If you visit Azerbaijan during tourist season, you will surely encounter the citizens of the following countries. 


Though Russia is itself super beautiful, its people are the most adventurous. This might be the reason you can find them in Azerbaijan. Russians can travel to Azerbaijan by plane, train, or road. Traveling takes more than a day if you choose to go by car and a few hours by plane. To get an e-visa to Azerbaijan, you will need a copy of your passport, means of payment, active email address, and other things.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian can reach Azerbaijan in only seven hours on a plane. If you choose to quickest flight, which flies from Dammam Airport, it will take only 5h and 35 mins to reach Azerbaijan. Since Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan have strong currencies, visiting Azerbaijan will not cost you much. Some requirements that Azerbaijan visas online for Saudi Arabian citizens need to meet are submitting a digital passport, a PCR test with negative results, and a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.


The total flight duration from Istanbul to Azerbaijan is less than 3 hours. Since you can get an e-visa a couple of days after applying, you can visit Azerbaijan any time you want. But before that, you need to meet specific requirements like submitting an active passport and getting yourself screened for COVID-19. You can stay in the country for 90 days and always extend it to 180 days.


Azerbaijan, especially Bali, is quite popular among Pakistanis. This is probably because of the affordability, as the experience you get is hard to get anywhere else at affordable prices. Many Pakistan travelers who love to explore new places while staying within their budget always have Bali on their bucket list.

Despite being a developing country, getting an Azerbaijan e-visa is relatively easy for Pakistanis. A few requirements for an Azerbaijan e-visa for Pakistani citizens include vaccination test reports, results, certificate, active email address, passport copy, credit or debit card details, and personal information. Note that the traveling distance from Pakistan to Azerbaijan is only 3 hours.


Since India is the neighbor of Pakistan, you can expect to reach Azerbaijan in a few hours, i.e., around 5 hours. You can see Indians roaming around in different cities of Azerbaijan. Indian citizens can receive an e-passport in just three days. But if you opt for a special visa, you can get an e-visa in a day or two.

The application requirements for e-visa are also the same as other countries. You must submit a digital copy of your passport, relevant personal information, vaccination certificate, and credit or debit card information. Also, many Indian cities offer a direct flight to Azerbaijan, including Delhi. So, apply for Azerbaijan Visa for Indian citizens today, and pack your back to go on a trip.