Azerbaijan as a Travel Destination - What Should You Know

Azerbaijan is one of the most sought-after travel destinations across the globe. The country has a rich history, friendly people, and delicious food options.

The best part is that every corner of Azerbaijan has something to offer you. You might encounter culture by simply passing by a cart with hand-made necklaces or can visit to see scenic views.

There are mountains, beaches, mud volcanoes, parks, monuments, and more. Whether you are going alone or with your spouse and children, you can find different activities for each family member, like zoos and mountain tracks. Read further to learn more about Azerbaijan.

Which Cities Should You Visit in Azerbaijan

When it comes to visiting the most adventurous city in Azerbaijan, the choices are unlimited. But the most visited cities are:

  • Ganja
  • Sheki
  • Astara
  • Baku
  • Shamakhi

Each city has something unique to offer you, like beautiful beaches, cultural festivals, and historic places. The Azerbaijan nation possesses the most ancient statehood traditions across the globe. In fact, its history is around 5,000 years old. This is why; there are also many historic places to visit in the country. Here are the best places to visit in Azerbaijan.

  • Goyazan Mountain
  • Lake Goygol
  • Icheri Sheher
  • Garasu Volcano
  • Gobustan
  • Baku Seaside Park
  • Ateshgah

Modern Architectural Monuments of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is not only popular for its history and nature but also famous for modern advancements that have led to the development of impressive modern monuments. Each monument is made to exhibit Azerbaijan’s culture, traditions, art, and beliefs. For instance, National Flag Square is one of the busiest tourist places in Azerbaijan that symbolizes eight-pointed stars, just like the Azerbaijan flag.

Here are a few more modern architectural monuments you can visit:

  • Baku White City
  • Baku Flame Towers
  • International Mugham Center
  • Heydar Aliyev Center
  • National Gymnastics Arena
  • National Olympic Stadium
  • Carpet Museum
  • State Oil Fund building
  • Baku Aquatic Center
  • Baku Crystal Hall
  • Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Safety and Security - Is Azerbaijan Tourism Friendly?

The highest safety and security standards of Azerbaijan are what that has made it popular across the globe. Violent crimes are rare in the country. In fact, the crime rate is 1.67 per 100K population. Since it’s a safe country, solo travelers, women, and families don’t need to worry about their security.  

Even if you experience any issue, you can immediately complain to local security services, who will immediately take action. Azerbaijan’s nightlife is also exciting and enjoyable, as there is no risk of roaming around the cities at night. So, if your family’s safety concerns you, then don’t worry and enjoy your trip.

Visa and Entry Requirements

Getting an Azerbaijan e-visa is easy and achievable for most countries. Some eligible countries for Azerbaijan visas online are Russia, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, and others. But there are certain e-visa requirements that you need to meet to secure a visa, including but not limited to the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Email
  • Personal information
  • Debit or credit card information
  • Digital passport pictures

You can apply for the visa by staying at your house through the Azerbaijan official site. Once you submit your visa form, you will get your e-visa in just three days. But if you opt for an urgent visa, you can get the visa in just a few hours. The visa is around 25 USD for a standard visa and 60 USD for an urgent visa, which is quite affordable.