Azerbaijan e-Visa for Cuba Citizens 

The rise of e-visa applications among Cuban citizens to visit Azerbaijan has made traveling easier. Now, with the help of Azerbaijan e-visa for Cuba, citizens can easily travel to Azerbaijan for educational, tourism, business, and other purposes.

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Cuba Citizens

The basic Azerbaijan visa requirement is a Cuban passport that’s valid for at least 6 months. The validity begins when you apply for the visa. In case you have multiple citizenship or passports, apply for the Azerbaijan visa using the passport you intend to travel to Azerbaijan with. Some other basic documents and requirements include:

  • Accurate credit and/or debit card information
  • Negative PCR test report
  • Personal information and documentation that shows the name, address, date of birth, passport expiry date, and number
  • Vaccination report and certificate
  • Emergency email address (active) for communication
  • Digital passport

E-visa Options- Standard and Urgent Visa 

With the help of an Azerbaijan visa online, you can easily apply for a visa, and it takes only a few minutes. Plus, the maximum time for a response against your visa application is no more than three days. It’s quick and beneficial for emergency travel to Azerbaijan. After applying for an urgent Azerbaijan visa, you will get a response within three hours. It won’t take over a day for you to have the application approved.

For a standard Azerbaijan visa, you can expect approval for your application within three working/business days. However, keep in mind that both types of visa applications have different fee structures. Make sure you check all the fees before beginning the application approval process. For your information, the e-visa is only valid for 90 days, so you can only stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days. Traveling to Azerbaijan using your e-visa is a one-time deal. You have the freedom to travel whether on an urgent or standard visa.

But if you want to take another trip to Azerbaijan, even if the e-visa is applicable, you have to reissue and submit another application for it. In case you want to travel with families or groups, you can apply together to get approval at the same time.

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

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Azerbaijan Tourist and Business Visa for Cuba Citizens

You will find multiple types of Azerbaijan e-visas online. As a Cuban citizen, you can choose any type of visa, depending on your reason for traveling to Azerbaijan. The common types of visa purposes are tourism, business, and education. With the help of your visa, you can occupy tourist residency or start a business in Azerbaijan as a Cuban citizen. However, your time of stay based on the e-visa that you choose will remain limited to 30 days. You can apply for another visa in case you require an extension for your stay in Azerbaijan. Remember, you can only apply for another visa when you’re outside of Azerbaijan. 

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Azerbaijan Visa Cost for Cuba Citizens

The Azerbaijan online visa cost remains fixed for all nationalities, including Cuban citizens. The standard visa requires a government fee of $25, while the urgent visa requires $60. All applicants pay an additional service fee depending on the options they choose. It varies from individual to individual and you will have the final price once you submit the application. Be sure to apply for an urgent visa to travel to Azerbaijan only when you must travel since the fees are non-refundable.

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Relationship between Azerbaijan and Cuba

Lastly, you must learn about the diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Cuba for safe travel. Both countries have bilateral relations and are involved in constant trading (imports and exports). The countries established diplomatic relations on March 27th, 1992. The Azerbaijan officials have an embassy in Havana, Cuba. Likewise, Cuban officials have an embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan. Both nationalities keep finding ways to improve their trades and global dealings. The main imports to Azerbaijan from Cuba include cigars, alcoholic beverages, handbags, and tobacco products. On the other hand, Azerbaijan has provided nearly 70% of the active equipment to Cuban power plants.

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