Azerbaijan e-Visa for Croatian Citizens

All eligible citizens can apply for an Azerbaijan e-Visa for Croatians. It is simple to obtain an e-Visa if you need to visit the country for business, pleasure, or other events. The ne

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Croatian Citizens

While filling up the online application, you will need to enter some basic information. Here are some of the Azerbaijan visa requirements for all Croatian citizens. 


  • A digital copy of your passport and the biographical page (your passport should be valid for a minimum of three months after your e-Visa expires)
  • A valid email address where you wish to receive the e-Visa (you will receive your e-Visa here)
  • An Azerbaijani address where you intend to stay 
  • Means of payment

After you receive your e-Visa, make sure to get a printed copy as you will have to show it at border control.

E-visa Options- Standard and Urgent Visas

Depending on the time period on which the e-Visa can be obtained, the Azerbaijan e-Visa is of two types. These are:

  • Urgent Visa- The Urgent Azerbaijan e-Visa can be obtained within three hours. This is very useful if you need to travel to the country on short notice.
  • Standard Visa- The Standard Visa allows you to get it within three days. This is the regular time within which you can obtain an Azerbaijan e-Visa.

When applying for the Azerbaijan e-Visa, you will need to enter the date on which you plan on entering, your medical information as well as how long you plan to stay in the country. If you have obtained more than one e-Visa you should use the same one to enter and exit the country.

Even though the Azerbaijan Visa online will be issued for a total of 90 days, you cannot stay for over 30 days. However, you can enter anytime within 90 days. Make sure to use your e-Visa during the time it is valid. 

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

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Azerbaijan Tourist and Business Visa for Croatian Citizens 

All Croatian citizens may visit Azerbaijan for a holiday as well as business opportunities. However, when obtaining your e-Visa, the process is slightly different. You will need a business visa if you want to attend conferences, business meetings, seminars, trade fairs, etc.

For a business e-Visa, you will need to submit an application form. You will need to state the reasons why you are entering Azerbaijan. This form will need to be downloaded and signed and you will need to show it at border control. 

All applicants are recommended to apply for the Azerbaijan e-Visa at least three working days before they enter Azerbaijan. 

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Azerbaijan Visa Cost for Croatian Citizens

Since the time in which you can obtain the Standard Visa and the Urgent Visa differs, the Standard Visa will cost you $25. On the other hand, the Urgent Visa will cost $60. 

Apart from the basic cost, there is an additional fee as well which varies depending on the options that you choose during the application process. As you fill out your form you will get an idea of the total cost.

No matter which country you apply from, the Azerbaijan visa online cost is the same. As you are filling out your form you will be able to see the costs associated with the e-Visa. Payments can be made using Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay and the card need not be in your name.

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Relationship between Azerbaijan and Croatia

Azerbaijan and Croatia have shared good relations since 2013 and today they have deepening cultural ties and bilateral relations. Azerbaijan has an Embassy in Croatia and the latter has an Embassy in Baku which opened in 2019. 

Croatia and Azerbaijan share inter-parliamentary relations and the heads of states regularly have mutual visits and meetings. These days both Azerbaijan and Croatia share bilateral relations and have common goals regarding agriculture, technology, energy, and tourism.

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