Azerbaijan e-Visa for Icelandic Citizens

Whether it is for business, pleasure, or any other reason, obtaining the Azerbaijan e-Visa for Icelandic citizens is a good option. You may either apply for the Standard Visa which you can obtain within three days or the Urgent Visa which can be acquired much sooner. 

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Icelandic Citizens

Before you may proceed with your Azerbaijan e-Visa application, you will need to provide some basic documentation. The Azerbaijan visa requirements for all Icelandic nationals are shown below. It is recommended to get a printed copy of your e-Visa as you will have to show it when entering Azerbaijan.


  • A digitized or scanned copy of your passport, as well as its biographical page (your passport should be valid for a minimum of three months after your e-Visa expires)
  • The email address where you want the e-Visa to be sent
  • The address in Azerbaijan where you want to stay
  • A valid payment method

E-visa Options- Standard and Urgent Visas

When applying for your Azerbaijan visa online, you will come across two options. These are listed below:

  • Urgent Visa- If you need to travel to Azerbaijan immediately from Iceland, consider applying for an Urgent Visa. This visa is available in three hours.
  • Standard Visa- The Standard Visa is a typical e-Visa that may be obtained in three days. Apply for your Azerbaijan e-Visa at least three working days in advance.

You will need to enter your medical information and specify how long you plan on staying. Even though the Azerbaijan e-Visa is valid for 90 days, you cannot stay for over 30 days after you enter. Make sure to use your e-Visa during the time it is valid.

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

Azerbaijan e-visa

Azerbaijan Tourist and Business Visa for Icelandic Citizens 

For a basic tourist visa, you must follow the conventional procedure and include the above-mentioned documents.

However, if you want to visit the country for business purposes, you will also require an application form for a business e-Visa. In this form, you must specify the reason for your travel to Azerbaijan. You can download and sign this document, which you will need to show at border control.

Business meetings, conferences, trade fairs, and seminars are examples of business possibilities.

Azerbaijan visa Online

Azerbaijan Visa Cost for Icelandic Citizens

The applicant for the e-Visa may pay using a valid payment method. The card does not have to be in the applicant's name. The official government fees are $25 for the Azerbaijan Standard e-Visa and $60 for the Urgent e-Visa.

A service fee is charged in addition to the standard Azerbaijan online visa cost. The service cost is determined by the choices you select. 

As you fill out the application for the Azerbaijan e-Visa, you will receive an indication of how much you will have to spend. You can make your payment using a valid card including Mastercard, UnionPay, or Visa.

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Relationship between Azerbaijan and Iceland

Azerbaijan and Iceland share diplomatic relations that were first established on February 27, 1988. Iceland first recognized Azerbaijan’s independence on January 19, 1992. 

Both countries deal with trade and commerce. Azerbaijan has been accredited to Iceland from its Embassy in London, UK and Iceland have been accredited to Azerbaijan from its Embassy in Moscow, Russia. 

Iceland and Azerbaijan have recently discussed cooperation in the fields of alternative energy. Icelandic companies were ready to operate in Azerbaijan in the field of alternative energy.  Other issues and areas of mutual interest were also discussed in the issues of international organizations including the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

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