17.06.2024 – 19.06.2024 are considered as non-working days due to National Salvation Day and Eid al-Adha. It is possible to apply for an urgent service. It takes 3 hours, regardless of holidays and non-working days, for an urgent application consideration.

Azerbaijan e-Visa for Chinese Citizens 

Azerbaijan e-visa for Chinese citizens has made it easy for them to travel to Azerbaijan for business, educational, or tourism purposes. Applying for Azerbaijan e-visa requires less time and effort than the standard visa process, making it accessible for every Chinese citizen.

Standard e-visa

(3 to 5 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 to 5 hours)

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens 

The most important Azerbaijan visa requirement is to have a Chinese passport that is valid for at least 6 months after applying for a visa. If you have multiple passports or dual citizenship, you need to apply for a visa with the passport you will use to travel to Azerbaijan. Other documents and information you need include:

  • Personal information like name, address, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, and nationality
  • Active email address for correspondence purposes
  • Valid debit or credit card details
  • Vaccination certificate 
  • Negative PCR test 
  • Digital passport

E-visa Options- Standard and Urgent Visa 

Azerbaijan visa online not only gives you an opportunity to apply for the visa in a few minutes but also helps you receive a visa response in no more than three days. The best part is that you can travel to Azerbaijan in case of emergencies. If you apply for an urgent visa, you will get the approval within three hours - at least, it will not take more than a day. The standard visa itself doesn't take much time, and you will get approval before three business days. Note that both visa options have a different fee structure. 

The e-visa is applicable for 90 days and allows you to stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days- not more than that. You can only travel to the country once while on a visa. If you want to schedule another trip to Azerbaijan, you need to apply for the visa again. Whether you choose a standard or urgent visa, you are allowed to choose any means of transport. People who want to travel to Azerbaijan in groups or with their families can apply together. This way, every individual will get approval at the same time.

Standard e-visa

(3 to 5 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 to 5 hours)

Azerbaijan e-visa

Azerbaijan Tourist and Business Visa for Chinese Citizens 

You can apply for an Azerbaijan e-visa for different visa purposes. Chinese citizens can choose the category based on their reason to travel - tourism and business visas are some of them. Any Chinese passport holder can apply for an e-visa to enjoy the beautiful destinations in Azerbaijan or to establish a business in the country. You will have 30 days to complete your task in the country. However, if you want to stay for longer, you can apply for another visa to extend your duration of stay. Note that you need to apply for another visa while you are outside Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan Visa Cost for Chinese Citizens 

The government fees for the standard visa are $26 and for the urgent is around $61. All nationalities will have to pay the same fees set by the government. 

 You also need to pay a service fee to submit the application and complete the process. Once you complete the process, you will get the final price based on the options you choose in the form. 

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Relationship Between Azerbaijan and China 

The diplomatic relationship between China and Azerbaijan was developed on April 2nd, 1992. Chinese businesses are not only exporting their goods to Azerbaijan, but they are also importing several products. Due to the increase in demand, both countries are finding ways to increase trading opportunities with one another. Azerbaijan's exports to China are petrochemical and crude oil products, while China exports appliances, electrical, and perfume-type products. China's companies have also invested up to $800 million in Azerbaijan for business growth. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, has invested $1,700 million in China.

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