Azerbaijan e-Visa for Israeli Citizens

All citizens from Israel can apply for the Azerbaijan e-Visa. It is straightforward to acquire an e-Visa whether you need to enter Azerbaijan for a vacation, business, or any other reason. You may enter all of the essential information for the Azerbaijan e-Visa online, on the application form.

Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Israeli Citizens

When completing the online form, you will be requested to submit some basic information. Here are some of the Azerbaijan visa requirements for all Israeli nationals.


  • A digital copy of your passport including the biographical page 
  • An email address where you wish to receive your e-Visa 
  • The Azerbaijani address where you will be staying 
  • Any valid method of payment

Before applying, ensure  your passport is valid for at least three months after your e-Visa expires. Get a printed copy of your e-Visa once you obtain it since you will need to show it at the border check.

E-visa Options- Standard and Urgent Visas

It is useful to know that while applying for an Azerbaijan e-Visa online, you will be asked to input the date you intend to visit the country, as well as your medical information and how long you intend to remain.

When you receive your Azerbaijan e-Visa, you will discover that it is valid for 90 days. This implies that you can arrive at any moment throughout the 90-day period, but you cannot stay for more than 30 days. Use your e-Visa just on the days it is valid; otherwise, you will be unable to use it.

The Azerbaijan e-Visa is divided into two versions based on the time frame in which it may be received. These are listed below.

  • Urgent Visa- If you need to go to Azerbaijan quickly, the Urgent e-Visa is ideal. The Azerbaijan e-Visa may be acquired three hours after you apply.
  • Standard Visa- The Standard e-Visa may be obtained in three days. This is the standard time frame for obtaining an Azerbaijan e-Visa.
Standard e-visa

(1-3 working days)

Urgent e-visa

(3 hours)

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Azerbaijan Tourist and Business Visa for Israeli Citizens

As an Israeli citizen, you may apply for a tourist or business visa to Azerbaijan. The process for acquiring both a tourist and a business visa is identical, but you will need to submit an application form for a business e-Visa as well. It is advised that you apply for an Azerbaijan e-Visa at least three working days before your intended date of entry.

A business visa will be needed if you want to attend conferences, business meetings, seminars, trade fairs, and other events. You will also need to state the reasons why you are entering Azerbaijan. This form can be downloaded and signed. Keep a printed copy as you will need to show it when you cross the border.

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Azerbaijan Visa Cost for Israeli Citizens

Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay are accepted as payment methods. The card does not have to be in your name. The Standard Visa and the Urgent Visa are both priced differently. Because the Standard Visa may be obtained in three days, it will cost you $25; however, the Urgent Visa would cost you $60.

The Azerbaijan online visa cost is the same for all countries, but there is also a service fee. You will receive an indication of the total cost including the service fee when you fill out the form for the Azerbaijan e-Visa.

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Relationship between Azerbaijan and Israel

Azerbaijan and Israel have shared good diplomatic relations since the early 1900s. The two countries share relations on cooperation on security matters, trade, and educational as well as cultural exchanges. Since 1997, after Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited Azerbaijan, Israel and Azerbaijan have been developing closer ties. 

Today Israel continues to help Azerbaijan develop its armed forces including artillery, anti-tank, battlefield aviation, and more. Both countries stand united in the fight against terrorism and economic cooperation which in recent times has grown exponentially.

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