Why Visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the most unique places in the world and is nestled in between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. With the Caspian Sea to its East, Russia to the North, Armenia to the West and Iran to the South, it is a popular destination for business and tourist travellers thanks to its ever-growing economy, beautiful landscapes and rich, traditional culture.

A country bountiful in resources such as natural oil and gas, a huge number of major oil pipelines run from Azerbaijan to locations around the world, making it a hotspot from an ecological and business perspective. Not only that, but the national cultural heritage remains largely untouched by global consumer culture, so handcrafted items like carpets and other high-quality fabrics are available to buy for tourists from around the world. Azerbaijan is famous for its classic music and folk dances, with traditions of both dating back over a thousand years. There is also an abundance of literature, art and beautiful architecture within the country, as well as traditional cuisine which famously includes lots of vibrant green veg, herbs and
local meats.

The proximity to the Caspian Sea is great for seafood, and the nutrient-rich, fertile lands of this climatically diverse country are proudly shown off in the nation’s favourite dishes, such as saffron-rice plov, bozbash and dushbara.

So, Do You Need A Visa to Travel to Azerbaijan?

Yes, you do need valid visa documents if you are looking to travel to Azerbaijan for any reason, whether it is for business or personal reasons or as a tourist, all nationals must obtain legal visas to travel to the country.

There are two ways to get yourself a visa to visit the country. The first is by obtaining a letter of invitation from a hotel or tour operator. This can be a drawn out process that can take a lot of time to complete, so if your travel arrangements have set time-requirements that mean you need to have your e-visa as quickly as possible, it’s best to explore the second option of obtaining a visa for travel.

This second option is the acquisition of an e-visa purchased via an electronic online visa system, which we offer at our website. The process is quick and simple, and these e-visas will remain valid for 30 days at a time and are single entry, so please bear that in mind when beginning the purchase process.

Also be sure not to overstay your visa, as you will need to pay a fine and obtain an exit permit from the State Migration Service in the country.

How Long Does It Take to Complete and Process an Azerbaijan Visa Application?

We offer two kinds of e-visa processes, which are the standard and urgent options required for travel.

As the name suggests, the urgent e-visa is processed much quicker than the standard visa, taking around 3 hours to be processed and downloaded after completion of your application.

The standard process takes between 1 and 3 days following your completed online application, which is still very quick in comparison to some other countries and digital e-visa services. Please be aware that to complete any of the above online applications, you must hold a valid passport and complete payment of any relevant fees.

Where Can I Apply for An Azerbaijan Visa?

You can apply for an e-visa right here with Azerbaijan Visa Online. We offer a high-quality service and affordable rates to suit any traveller looking for a trip of any kind to Azerbaijan. The e-visa is the quickest form of application for travel to any country, with the quickest turnaround available for your travel requirements.

Visit our dedicated e-visa application page here, or for more information on any of our services, please see the links below which should answer any and all questions that you might have with regards to travelling to Azerbaijan.

Other Information about Your Azerbaijan Visa Application on Our Website

Contact us by clicking this link and we will be able to help you out with anything you may need to complete or start your e-visa application.

Firstly though, it’s probably a good idea to visit our FAQ page to find questions that may not have been answered on this page, including information on fees and payments. This may save you the time of contacting us, as the answer may already be waiting for you.

You can see what others have had to say about our service by visiting our Testimonial Page. We can also offer information and updates on new or ongoing e visa applications. For information and rulings on eligible countries and which nationalities can travel to Azerbaijan and why, click here.